I feel like Spring 2016 has been moving all too quickly, without much progress on the sewing front. This is not totally accurate, as earlier this Spring, I made 4 bridesmaid dresses. Then there was income taxes, followed by my youngest daughter’s masters degree graduation with family coming into town for a long weekend). So perhaps my late push into Spring/Summer sewing for myself can be excused. Still, it’s time to get going on those projects.

I have a confession to make: cutting out fabric is my least favorite step for a sewing project. The geek in me likes pattern drafting and modification. The creative side of me gets satisfaction from seeing a garment come together in the construction stage. But cutting out? I fumble. I misplace things. I accidentally brush against the fabric or a pattern piece and move them out of place.

There’s a term used in business called “low-hanging fruit” which dictionary.com defines as “a course of action that can be undertaken quickly and easily as part of a wider range of changes or solutions to a problem .”  Sometimes after a sewing drought, getting a few garments made that are quick to cut out and pull together is a good choice for me.  I get the satisfaction of creative accomplishment and the enjoyment of new pieces added to my wardrobe, which spurs me on to more complex projects.

Here are some “low hanging fruit” in progress. I’m actually going to cut everything out at one time (since I dislike cutting so much, it’s best to get it over and done with).

New Look 6378, the quick and easy kimono. A friend at church wore a cute, airy kimono topper a couple of weeks ago, and  I absolutely loved it. I found this crinkle chiffon in the Red Tag area at Joann Fabrics, and even though it’s polyester, I fell in love. I’m taking four inches off the bottom of the kimono – it’s really long, and I’m going to put cream-color fringe on the bottom. Looking through available kimono patterns, it was either this one or the Sew Caroline Florence Kimono, and I opted for this one first. It’s only got three pattern pieces, and I am opting to remove the center back seam and cut on the fold, so it will be extremely quick to cut out.

McCall 7357, the flowing tunic. I was iffy on this pattern till I saw it made up by some curvier ladies, like Mary at the Curvy Sewing Collective. One real positive about the pattern – it’s got the different cup sizes, so I can likely get away without an FBA. I’m pairing this up with a rayon voile from Fabric.com.

Straight Stitch Designs Wedgwood Skirt. I’ve been hoping to make one or more midi skirts this spring, and simply love this design, from the inverted pleats (good way to reduce bulk below the waist vs. gathers) and the retro styling of the pocket flaps. I found a great linen cotton blend yarn dyed fabric at the Hancock Fabrics liquidation sales. To speed things up, I’ll be using an invisible zipper instead of the semi-exposed styling on the pattern.

Style Arc Christia Pant (available here in print and here in PDF). During one of FabricMart’s recent sales, I picked up some Gingersnap-color linen (it’s gone now, don’t bother looking — although they do have other great fabrics!). This pattern has been on my to-do list for quite a while; I love its soft flowing lines and the front pleats will go easy over my middle age rounded tummy.

Style Arc Talia Pant (available here in print and here in pdf). I didn’t post a fabric swatch on this one because I’m going to make it in a Dockers-style cotton/lycra bottom weight stretch twill in just about the same color of grey in the illustration. I picked up that fabric a year-and-a-half ago at Mary Jo’s Fabric in Gastonia, NC.

What about you? Do you have some favorite or new patterns that should be fairly quick and easy to make up for Spring/Summer?