With runway shows in New York. London and Milan finished, and Paris starting tomorrow,  trends for Spring 2016 fashion have emerged. Here’s my picks in alphabetical order, with links to my Pinterest boards for the trends.

I’m Isola Marras

Timo Weiland

Francesca Liberatore

Antonio Marras

Zac Posen

  1. Appliques and Embroidery – a great trend for DYI’ers. Sourcing really cool trendy appliques may be a problem, though.
  2. Black and White – there were whole collections built around just black and white, no color. A classic that will be coming on strong in new ways this spring.
  3. Color Blocking– continues to be hot. For the spring this trend focuses more on small details and asymmetry.
  4. Colored Lace…black or white lace was big in the fall shows. With the spring comes a burst of color, often in brights like yellow or orange. One cool effect – put colored lace over a different color of fabric.
  5. Criss-cross – X marks the spot, in this thematic element that ties in with halters, wraps, and cutouts.
  6. Cutouts continue to be big for the upcoming season, with an “everything but the kitchen sink” attitude to where and what shape. My favorite new look – a narrow slice cut out of jacket sleeves at the shoulder line – chic but work-friendly.
  7. Denim continues to be strong, embellished with appliques, bleached and overprinted, or in a patchwork garment.
  8. Double-Breasted. Sort or long, many jackets and vests featured a double breasted look with two rows of buttons.
  9. Eighties Inspired. While sometimes subtle, 1980s design, with long jackets, focus on the shoulders, midi length skirts, and soft, loose lines, was a big inspiration for many collections this spring.
  10. Halters. Halter tops and dresses are back big time, in a throwback to the 1970s.
  11. It’s a Wrap, with wrap dresses and tops (and skirts and jackets), featured in many collections.
  12. Lace it Up, an emerging trend, and also a throwback to 1970s styling, is lace-up elements on the front of dresses, tops, and even vests.
  13. Long Jackets continue to be strong for spring. They are joined by…
  14. Long Vests
  15. Off Shoulders – there are many tops that feature off shoulder styling, including sculptural ruffles out of striped fabric.
  16. Pants Suits, which showed up strongly last fall, are again strong for the spring.
  17. Print upon Print. Print mixing is a way to create an interesting outfit.
  18. Red White and Blue – the red/white/blue color scheme was featured in several collections.
  19. Ruffles – one of the strongest design elements for spring, whether a layer on a skirt, or an off-shoulder top…and just about everywhere else a designer could place them.
  20. Sheen and Shine in the Daytime – fall’s opulent velvets and brocades give way to more formal-wear-as-daywear styling, with satin, metallics and other dressy fabrics showing up for pants, suits, and casual tops.
  21. Sheer Overlays – way too many collections were NSFW as designers paired sheer tops, shirts and dresses with bodysuits, bandeau bra tops, bikini bottoms…or nothing underneath. I’ve got a collection of generally safe for work interpretations of the trend.
  22. Short Jackets, if jackets weren’t long, they were usually cropped at the waist or slightly above.
  23. Shorts Suits – I watch Korean and Taiwanese TV shows, and they’ve been on this trend for quite some time. Pretty, dressy suits, but instead of pants or skirts, shorts are on the bottom. A cute look for the young and slender.
  24. Slip Dresses are big this year – on their own, under a jacket, or under a sheer overlay.
  25. Spring Boho – a fall trend reinterpreted for spring, with lighter, airy fabrics and colors.
  26. Those 70’s Clothes – the other big decade inspiration, with both the mod and the boho side of that decade’s styles.