The big fabric story of the Fall 2015 Ready to Wear collections is brocade, along with its cousin jacquard, and other embroidered fabrics.

Brocade has a long history…it was a luxury fabric of choice during the Middle Ages in both Europe and Asia. Today, it still suggests opulence and formality. Brocade and Jacquard both have designs woven into the fabric instead of printed onto the fabric. Brocades tend to be a little stiff, whereas Jacquard can be different weights and levels of softness. We’ll likely be seeing lots of Brocade and Jacquard in fabric stores this fall, as well as Jacquard knits, and prints that look like a Brocade or Jacquard. If you’re looking for some right now (June 2015), try Emma One Sock, Gorgeous Fabrics, and Michael Levine (Low Price Fabrics). Take a look at the lovely Brocade below from Emma One Sock!