I’m pretty happy with the new spring releases from Vogue Patterns.

Sure, there are some that are “out there” and many that would just take too dang long and test my patience, but any time I find this many patterns to throw into the “Winner” category, I’m happy. The only thing that will make me happier about the release is when I find these babies in stock locally and at a good sale price!

I love the back of the jacket for Vogue 1435 by Tom and Linda Pratt.  The front, maybe not so much. Not sure what it’s going to look like on us curvy-on-top ladies.




I also like the Ralph Rucci jacket and blouse in Vogue 1437. The skirt, not so much. Talk about accentuating the hips!

The blouse is quite lovely on its own, it’s a sleeveless wrap with what appears to be a shawl collar.

(What is it with all the orange and goldenrod, anyhow? I don’t see these as colors a lot of women are going to like to wear.)




I haven’t seen Vogue 1431 (another Tom and Linda Pratt design) mentioned on any other blog reviews, but I like it.

It’s one piece, but has the look of a dress paired with a bolero jacket. I’d want to wear heels with it, because I think the design has kind of a “shortening” effect.

Again, there is nice back detail on this one!





I think I will need a reality check regarding Vogue 9096. It’s interesting and creative with those rounded seam details, but how is this going to look on me, a spoon-shaped (between hourglass and pear shapes) size 18 RTW woman? The silhouette here is a triangle, with fullness at the bottom.

So no matter how much I am drawn to the creativity of this design, I think I’m going to have to pass.


On the right is an alternate view for Vogue 9094. The primary view includes a skirt and is made up of what appears to be shinny polyester duponi.  Digging a little deeper, though, I found this view of the jacket with pants, in a non-shinny fabric. This is a Vogue Wardrobe pattern which I find to typically be a little stodgy as far as design, but I don’t think this one is stodgy at all!

This one’s going in the winner stack for me; I love the asymmetrical closure, and I don’t think the triangle silhouette will be as extreme as it was with Vogue 9096.



Vogue 1440 is a Donna Karan design. Dig into the line drawings to fully appreciate the details of this jacket and blouse.









I think that the Anne Klein jacket in Vogue 1439 is very smart looking. It’s listed as “average” regarding sewing difficulty, and I can see wearing this one to work. Another winner for me.

Anne Klein is also represented with Vogue 1346. It’s a lovely blouse, but I haven’t even started the last lovely Anne Klein blouse released by Vogue. On the fence with this one.





I have a love/hate relationship with the Tilton sisters’ designs, but the dress and jacket in Vogue 9081 (Marcy Tilton) falls on the LOVE side of the equation.

I really like the retro look of Vogue 9092. I commented earlier on the Pattern Review forums that there was almost a “Burda” vibe to some of the new Vogue releases…this is one of them. In fact, I think the new Burda releases, which I plan to review soon, have a similar top. This one has the multiple cup sizes, which is always a plus for me.





Several of the new patterns highlight a trend that I’ve dubbed as “sculptural” – think of the garment as a sculpture, using shape, layers, design details. One is Vogue 9087, on the left. Another is Vogue 9079, on the right.  9087 is an buy for me, since I’m always on the lookout for knit tops with interesting details. I’m still on the fence about 9079 – there is a top version that I may go for.





I don’t like the main jacket option for the Vintage Vogue 9082 dress and jacket, but I love the alternative jacket shown here on the left. Here’s a way to wear a “crop top” for those who don’t want to bare the midrif.



It seems like there’s always got to be at least one WTF design in every major pattern release. Some have questioned the yet-another-peplum top in this release (Vogue 9084, not pictured).

But my nomination has got to be Vogue 9076, on the right, representing the worst of 1980’s design. Seriously, who is the target audience for  this dress? Without the bow, it almost has a 1940’s vibe, but I’m not touching it with a 10 foot pole!


Un-honorable mention, IMO, goes to Vogue 1442 by Sandra Betzina. I know there are some folks out there who really love this one. My take is that there is no one on whom this dress would be flattering. On skinny ladies it will hang like a sack. On curvy ladies, it will accentuate the hips.