Do you have resolutions for the new year? Here are a few of mine…I’ll be posting more about my journey with them in upcoming days.

  1. FitBit – these were offered at my job for an insanely low price. Now I just have to figure out how to use it, and everything it can do! So resolution one is to incorporate the FitBit into my daily life and use it to improve my fitness.
  2. skin2SKIN – around the holidays I took a selfie in my office to show the statement necklace I was wearing. OK, the lighting is there terrible for selfies (overhead fluorescent bars) and I should have known better. And I had a cold, which increased under-eye swelling. But…ugh.  The under eye bags. The “11” on my forehad. The forehead wrinkles. Time to ditch the simple/cheap/minimal skincare routine I have had for years and do something that will actually help my skin.
  3.  HAIR – I have  fine, thin (and thinning), wavy, frizzy  hair with a low to moderate level of grey.  I can’t seem to wear it any longer than a between-chin-and-shoulder length bob. I think I should change up a few things regarding my hair care and styling routines. I may even go as far as looking for a hair piece that will reduce the appearance of my thinning hair on top!
  4. STYLE – in my opinion, the appearance of plus size ladies greatly benefits when we make an effort to look “put together.” So, one of my new year resolutions involves creating a more polished appearance, and weeding out of my wardrobe items that I either 1) don’t really like, 2) are worn out, 3) are very unflattering, or 4) inappropriate due to being way out of style or way age-inappropriate (note the “way” there…I’m talking extremes vs. something that can be made to work). I do have a fairly honed sense of my personal style, but it can stand some tweaking.
  5. STASH/ORGANIZATION – as I am an enthusiastic sewist, I have quite a large stash of fabric that I’ve piled up over the last few years. It’s time to cut that down as much as possible, and make “smarter” purchases during the coming year. Also, there are craft and beading supplies that I should organize further and even make efforts to rid myself of things I would likely use in the next year or so. I also have about 350 vintage sewing patterns that I picked up in the fall at two estate sales. I’ve been selling them online but need to figure out to do so more effectively.
  6. LOOKING OUTWARD – recently hubby and I got involved with a new church…it’s a small one, as opposed to the one we attended for many years, which was huge. Serving in a smaller church is very different than serving in a large one. We need to find our “place” in how we can contribute there. Also, I am a natural introvert, and I need to make sure that I really put a focus on important relationships, especially immediate and extended family.
  7. LOOKING INWARD – personally, I need to invest more in my walk with God. Other relationships also tend to improve the more I do so.

So…it’s a hefty challenge for the coming year, right?

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