6760On to the best of the Misses (and Burda Young) size range…

First up is 6760, including a dress, shirt, and lightweight jacket based off the same pattern, in the size range 10-22. This is similar to the concept that Burda used for the earlier Plus Size release 6945, which included variations for a dress and two jackets.

The Misses’ angled-color blocking dress for this release is 67566736. This design includes two really cool features, in my opinion. First is the angled bottom of the bodice. The second is that the full version of the skirt….it’s cut on the bias! Unfortunately us curvy gals may have to do some grading on this one…the size range is 8 to 18.




6759Wrap dress styles are moving more and more towards their root 1970’s influence, and Burda’s 6759 certainly reflects that era.

This pattern offers the option of a plain v-neck or a banded version, and is designed for jersey knits.  The size range on this pattern is 10 to 20.






67676805Burda typically produces some beautiful skirt designs in every release, and this one is no exception.

6767 and 6805 are both skirt designs that featured angled hem overskirts. 6767 has a bias overlay while 6805 features layers that intersect with reverse angles.  The size range for both is 10 to 20.

67686768 reflects the recent runway trend of overskirts. This is a style that is very leading-edge and not something you’ll see very much on the streets at this point.  This pattern is also in the 10 to 20 size range.





Much ado has been made about the Moto

6800, Burda’s new take on the Moto Jacket, is a Burda Young release, so expect minimal ease. The pattern range is sizes 8 to 18. This design is designated as for advanced skill levels.



6765Lots of crops…

There are several patterns that include crop top variations.

6765 is a look that will likely be familiar to Burda Magazine enthusiasts, as similar styles have been included in the European versions of the magazine. There’s options for a v-neck or a rounded neckline, and cap sleeves or 3/4 length sleeves.  The pattern size range is 10 to 20.

68196819 features both a cropped version and a longer version of the top design, and variations for sleeveless, short sleeves or long sleeves.



6775Like I said in my recent Vogue Patterns release review, every pattern release seems to have a WTF design. My nominee for this Burda release (although no where near as bad as the one from the Vogue release, in my opinion)  is 6775, which includes a jacket (view A)  with major puffiness factor in the shoulders. Yes, we’re talking 1980’s Dynasty-esque puff.

While I’ve devoted two posts to reviewing the new Burda relase, there’s much more to see. What are your favorites?