Disclaimer: any beauty products I discuss are purchased by me, for my personal use, not given to me for promotional purposes, unless I state otherwise. 

If you saw my earlier post regarding my New Year resolutions, you saw a partial picture of my face, showing off the bags under the eyes, the “11” wrinkle above the nose, and some of the horizontal forehead wrinkles. Improving my skin care was one of the first resolutions I tackled.

I needed a skin care regimen that was not too expensive, but that would really start to work some wonders on my middle-aged skin! My existing regimen was piecemeal.  In addition, my skin is sensitive, so the products needed to not cause more problems than benefits.

Having done a bunch of research on the internet, I decided to try Boots No7 Protect and Perfect Intense. Those of us in the US aren’t as familiar with the Boots family of products as those over on the other side of the pond; it’s a UK brand that is primarily available in the US through Target, Ulta, and online stores. Price wise, it’s on the higher end of “drugstore brands.” The kit, pictured below, typically sells for $55 to $60.

The kit includes the serum, the night cream, and the day cream. The day cream is SPF 15. I added to this –  Boots Expert Foaming Gentle Face Wash and Boots Expert Sensitive Gentle Refreshing Toner. These two products are at a lower price point than the No7 line.

The only non-Boots product I added in was L’Oreal Revitalift Triple Power Eye Treatment (I have since switched to another brand for day use, although this product worked pretty well). This is one of a handful of products that has an “iron-like” cold tip which seems to be pretty effective in at least temporarily reducing under-eye puffiness.

How’s the routine working so far?  Bear in mind that it’s only been about 3 weeks. I can say there are positive changes. My skin definitely seems more hydrated, and at this time of the year, with indoor heat drying things out, that’s a big improvement. I haven’t noticed much of a reduction of the appearance of wrinkles, but overall the skin has a youthful appearance that wasn’t present earlier.

Verdict: I’ll definitely keep with this routine till the kit is used up. At that point, I may try something else…I’m not sure yet. This is a big improvement, but there may be something out there that’s even better.