In the last week, we’ve also seen the Spring/Summer release of Burda envelope patterns. For those who aren’t aware of pattern release schedules, Burda releases twice a year and when they do, it’s always a huge release, including a number of styles just for the Plus Size range (unlike Burda magazine patterns, regular Misses range Burda envelope patterns also tend to go to size 18 to 22 US).

68166783The big trends? Bias. Crops. Long Jackets. Angled Color Blocking. The 1980’s. I don’t LOVE this release as much as the last two, but there’s still much to add to my list.

I’m going to start with the highlights of the Plus Size releases. Burda frequently impresses me with their Plus releases. I think their designers have a better handle on what many of us curvy ladies really want – fashionable, classy designs.

Despite conventional wisdom that Plus Size ladies should not wear skinny pants, I maintain that they can be flattering, (usually in a dark color, and on average to tall Plus ladies). Burda has released a great basic skinny pants pattern in the Plus range, 6816. This is the now-classic side zip stretch in either full or ankle length, designed for fabrics with stretch (so, either knits or stretch woven fabrics). It’s great, but why did you make us wait so long for it, Burda?

You’ll have to look at the line drawings to fully appreciate the long jacket and vest of 6783 – seeing the model with her hips thrust forward doesn’t really do the pattern justice. It’s a great classic jacket done in the trendy longer length, and a good example of Burda giving the Plus range access to trendy styles.

6785Shirred knits are, to me, a hallmark of Burda designs, appearing frequently in their magazines as well as the envelope patterns. 6785 is a Plus range take on the design; a similar Misses range pattern (although, I think it had raglan sleeves) appearedĀ  last year. Again, it’s great to have these stylish options.

6784Next is the pattern that is one half of the angled color block sisters dresses in this release (you’ll see the other one in the Misses range). I actually like this one, 6784, as well or even more than the other one. I thought it might be designed for knits, but actually it is for woven fabrics. And yes, view B has the funky Burda gathered skirt insert on one side. It actually doesn’t look bad on this design, I think.

6786I’ve seen mixed comments for 6786. Again, I think this is a case of the model’s pose not doing the pattern justice. This top was designed for rayon and silk (think challis, crepe, etc.). In a soft, flowing fabric, there won’t be much bulk.

6790I didn’t know that there were Burda Young patterns in the Plus range…or is 6790 a first? It’s a princess seamed top and dress with an asymmetrical hem, in sizes 16 to 28.

The best of the restĀ  in the Plus range?

6782 is a lovely classic jacket pattern, with either a v-neckline or what I call the”inverted collar.”

6787 is a versatile bunch of blouses and a waterfall collar jacket. 6789 features either round-neck or v-neck blouses, with drawstring waist or straight bottom, paired with drawstring waist pants. The photo has the top and the pants in the same fabric, creating “the optics” of a jumpsuit. 6788 is some slender jersey pants with two woven “overpants” options (kind of funky).

That’s pretty much it for the Plus range. I’ll cover the Misses sizes in a later post.